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August 29, 2019


My friend, Amanda, contacted me during her pregnancy to do an Announcement/Gender Reveal session.  I felt so excited to be one of the first ones to know about her baby girl, Myla!  Amanda and I were pregnant with our first babies at the same time so I feel like that gave us a special little bond.  Later in her pregnancy with Myla, Amanda asked if I could come to the hospital and do a Fresh 48 Session.  She specifically wanted me to capture the moment her oldest daughter, Layla, met her baby sister.  

Amanda contacted me about a week before her delivery and let me know that they were planning an induction.  Her husband, Kyle, kept in touch with me that morning, while Amanda was laboring.  The texts were coming in fast!  “She’s at a 5.”  Pretty soon, “They broke her water, she’s at a 6.” Not too much later, “She’s at a 9, but it might be a little bit.”  And then suddenly, “She’s here! 8lbs, 10oz!”    I was hoping to make it for the pushing stage; just to be there in case Amanda decided she’d like me to capture the first breath of her brand new babe.  But as it turns out, she can deliver a baby faster than I can wrangle my two boys into my van!  Kyle said that none of them expected it to go so fast.  

When Kyle met me at the door of their birthing suite, Myla was enjoying Golden Hour (the precious first hour after birth) on her mommy’s chest and working on nursing.  They were obviously bonding beautifully and peacefully.  I moved a few things around in the room and got started snapping away.   Sometimes delivery rooms are cluttered and dirty and contain all the evidence of a LONG labor.  But not this one!  It was just as calm and orderly as could be.  Amanda had a few perfectly packed bags in the corner.  While she was nursing she mentioned there were snacks in there for anyone who wanted them.  Even less than an hour after giving birth, she was the picture of southern hospitality.  And with snacks galore, she clearly has quite a handle on motherhood 🙂 

I loved doing this session so much.  Aside from getting the first peek at this darling baby, Fresh 48 sessions and their lifestyle-documentary form embody all that I love about photography.  There is an abundance of emotion.  Time stands still and NOTHING exists outside of that room.  There is only peace and love and joy.    

After I took some photos of Kyle, Amanda, and Myla, it was time for Layla to come meet her new baby sister.  What a sweet moment!  She was shy at first but then snuggled right into the bed with her mama.  Layla could feel the emotion, too, I think, because she just wanted to hug and kiss her parents.  A few minutes into their meeting, Amanda asked Layla what she thought about her baby sister.  Layla sort of glanced at Myla and then said, “uh, where is she?”  We all laughed.  I think she was expecting Myla to be bigger and crawling around.  It was just adorable.    

I know Layla will be such a wonderful big sister.  She’s sweet and gentle with the perfect amount of spunk.  I can’t wait to watch the two of them grow.  Here are some of my favorite images from my session with this amazing little family of four.  Congrats, Kyle, Amanda, and Layla! 

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