Pregnancy Date Night Ideas in Northwest Arkansas

June 15, 2023


Spending quality, intentional time together as a couple is always a good idea.  Pregnancy is a beautiful journey, but sometimes it requires some extra creativity when it comes to date night.  Today, I’m sharing 5 of my favorite pregnancy date night ideas tailored to couples in Northwest Arkansas! 

Pampering Pedicures at Pinnacle Nail Spa Rogers

Let’s be honest.  Carrying a child often brings aches, pains, and swelling, especially to a tired mama’s feet.  Pedicures are always great, but during pregnancy they are especially wonderful. Pinnacle Nail Spa Rogers is my favorite spot because of its exceptional service and tranquil ambiance. During my first pregnancy, it took a bit of negotiation to get my husband on board with the pedicure date, but by the third he was embracing the experience!

Stroll the Senior Walk at the University of Arkansas and Discuss Baby Names

If you’re new around here, The University of Arkansas in Fayetteville has an iconic tradition where graduates’ names are engraved on the sidewalks.  During my third pregnancy, my husband and I had some extra time before a dinner reservation so we went down to find my his name on the walk.  It inadvertently turned out to be one of our most memorable dates.  We found our two boys’ first names engraved in the year 1921 and so we started looking for name ideas for our third baby. We came up with our boy and girl name options for our baby that night; also from 1921!  

Picnic and Hike/Walk at Coler Mountain

Northwest Arkansas is renowned for its picturesque landscapes and breathtaking hiking trails. Honestly, you could pick from a hundred options, but I love that Coler Mountain has public restrooms (a necessity during pregnancy) at the trailhead and about a mile down the paved path at Airship Coffee.  Plan a picnic at one of the many peaceful spots, such as the red barn, or along the creek. Pack a delicious spread of your favorite pregnancy-friendly snacks and spend quality time together while you take in nature’s beauty. 

Indulge in a Progressive Dinner

For a short time after Baby arrives, it can be difficult to get out for a nice meal in a restaurant.  Take the time now to embark on a culinary adventure by planning a progressive dinner! Start with appetizers at Oven and Tap (I vote for the edamame), then move on to The Hive for the main course (anyone else crave burgers during pregnancy?), and finally end the evening with a hand-dipped ice cream cone from the Spark Café. I love that a progressive dining experience allows you to explore different flavors, experience a variety of local cuisine, and savor each other’s company on a tasty little journey.  

Capture Precious Moments with Maternity Photos

Celebrate the joyful anticipation of your growing family by arranging a maternity photoshoot!  Would you believe me if I told you I didn’t have photos taken during my first pregnancy?! Well I didn’t and it’s a big regret.  No matter how you feel about your body during pregnancy, growing a tiny human is an incredibly transformative and powerful experience; one that I don’t think you’ll regret having beautifully captured in photographs.  We have numerous scenic locations at our fingertips here in NWA, such as Tanyard Creek or the Botanical Garden of the Ozarks, providing stunning backdrops for capturing precious moments. If you hire a photographer who understands the ins and outs of pregnancy and specializes in maternity photography, she’ll ensure that you and your partner feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the session.  Hey! I know someone who would LOVE to do this for you!

So there you have it, friends! NWA offers an abundance of options for pregnant couples to enjoy meaningful and memorable date nights.  During my pregnancies, I loved finding new ways to bond, relax, and make the most of our time together. I hope this helps you, too, as you embark on the exciting journey towards parenthood!

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