Pictures with Santa: Christmas in NWA

November 30, 2023


Three kids in pajamas reading a book with Santa.

I’m thrilled to share a sweet little recap of my first ever studio Santa sessions! Here’s a glimpse into my adorable day capturing pictures with Santa in Northwest Arkansas.

A Classic Setting for Pictures with Santa

When I was dreaming about these Santa sessions, I really wanted a simple, classic setting that allowed Santa and the kiddos to take center stage. My goal was to gift moms with dreamy, in-the-moment images that blend the spirit of Christmas with the innocence of childhood. I’m so grateful I found Sol Nox Studio because it totally fit the vibe I was going for. Then, Oh Celebrate Events came through with the perfect loveseat that added a touch of magic to the simplicity. I love how this day unfolded; the kids had an amazing experience chatting with Santa in his cozy living room, and I was there, camera in hand, soaking up all the cuteness.

Conversations with Santa

Obviously, the star of the day was Santa himself; there’s just gentle magic about him. The best part of the day was observing the unique reactions of each child. Some of them, bursting with excitement, ran straight up to him, while others caught site of him, screamed and ran away! And of course, there were a few little ones who were very cautious but eventually warmed up. Santa, the epitome of patience, embraced each child’s response with kindness and understanding.

Unhurried Moments

As a mama, this day holds a special place in my heart because it was the opposite of the rushed mall pictures with Santa. Each session was private and unfolded slowly, allowing kids to warm up and families to be in the moment. Santa took plenty of time with each child, and made every one of them feel super special. He even read “The Night Before Christmas” to several of them. His ability to have conversations with children was truly remarkable to me. It was more than a skill; it was an art! I love that we were able to capture each child’s unique personality as they interacted with him.

Friends and Clients: Thank you!

In a world that sometimes feels like it’s spinning a bit too fast, these Santa sessions were a fun reminder of the simple sweetness that happens when we slow down, connect, and celebrate the joy of the season.

To all the families who joined us – thank you for making these Santa sessions so fun. A heartfelt thank you to Santa for embodying the spirit of the holidays.

Here’s to creating holiday memories that warm our hearts for years to come!

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