Outdoor October Wedding | Cody + Kaitlyn | Cedar Valley Event Center | Pineville, Missouri

October 20, 2020

outdoor october wedding


Kaitlyn and Cody are a perfect match. This love story was literally a lifetime in the making, and their outdoor October wedding was the perfect start to their next chapter. It was an honor to be there to document the start of the lives together!

Kaitlyn is a Certified Nurse’s Assistant with aspirations of being a nurse. She has a deep love for nature and horses, and is a hobby artist in her spare time. Cody is a mechanic and enjoys gaming.

Cody and Kaitlyn’s Love Story

They met on the school bus years ago when they were in seventh grade! (How cute is that?) Cody was good friends with Kaitlyn’s older brother and they pretty much grew up together.

A sweet young friendship would develop and deepen into something more over time. Cody and Kaitlyn became good friends in high school, but lost touch after graduation. Kaitlyn reached out to Cody about nine months later, and the two have been inseparable ever since. “He took me on a date and it’s like we never stopped,” says Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn and Cody spent an evening together having dinner and enjoying the lights of downtown Bentonville at nightfall. Not long after, the two began officially dating, and the rest is history.

The couple prefers to spend their time together, just the two of them, sharing their favorite things. “We’re not social butterflies,” shares Kaitlyn. “We like to stay home most of the time… We enjoy taking care of [my] horses and want a big farm in the future.”

A Sweet Engagement

After so many years of knowing each other, the couple took the next step in May of 2019. Cody planned a trip to the Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge and a day of hiking.  They visited Beaver Dam that day to enjoy the natural beauty of the area.

As Kaitlyn was admiring the view, Cody put his plan into action. Against the backdrop of the natural greenery, rushing water and warm sunshine, Cody popped the question! It was a totally unexpected, but welcome surprise!

“It was really nice,” Kaitlyn gushes about that day. She loves that it was a special moment they shared together, just the two of them in a beautiful place. “Cody and I aren’t really flashy… so I liked it being secluded and by ourselves.”

It’s easy to see from observing the two of them that they’re a perfect match.  When asked about what she loves best about her groom, Kaitlyn replied simply: “The comfort he brings me. Cody supports me in anything I do… and his eyes.” (Always a plus!)

Cody echoes his bride’s sentiments. “Her smile, her personality, her compassion,” he notes.

An Outdoor October Ceremony

Planning was quickly underway, and before the couple knew it, The Big Day was here! Kaitlyn and Cody tied the know October 10, 2020 at 3pm at the Cedar Valley Event Center in Pineville, Missouri. Just like at their proposal, they were surrounded by nature.

The wedding was gorgeous. There’s just no other way to put it. What’s more lovely than an outdoor wedding in October, in front of a waterfall no less? Fairytales y’all. 


The Ceremony began and as Kaitlyn walked down the aisle, there was slight breeze, causing a bunch of leaves to gently fall around here. Everyone literally sighed in happiness. It was SO. SWEET. I don’t think a Hallmark Movie could’ve done it better.


Cody and Kaitlyn, thank you so much for sharing your love story and special day with us! You two are a perfect match and we’re so happy for you!


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